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#SoiréeDeLuxe: Everything you need to know!

As our last offering of the year (#SoiréeDeLuxe) draws closer, here’s what to expect:

Luxe Lunch (12:00 PM – 2:00 PM)
Available exclusively to Luxe ticket holders, the menu, curated by our partners at Lassie House, features Portuguese/Brazilian-style meals curated to prepare you for the rest of the event. See menu below and hurry, as Luxe Lunch tickets are super limited and selling fast!

Wine Rush
Our expertly curated wine selection offers something for every palate, whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of fine wines. The list is also well paired with our specialist partners from Yewo, who have put together a cheesy experience to satisfy your cravings with artisan cheeses, cold meats and fruits to cleanse your palates as you enjoy the different aromas of fine wines. Check out the wine list beforehand below.

The Sounds
We have a full house! All members of the No Name Djs will be on decks for this one!! A homecoming for one of our own Charkx aka Bantu Groove. The event will also feature live instruments from Blessings Nkhoma & Sanderson, members of Kaunjika Banda. Sindsounds & Friends will be spinning tunes from their soon to be released project throughout the day/evening. In addition to having a special jam session with the jazz master, Erik Paliani, we are also excited to be playing with award winning Dj and Producer, Dj Nathan Tunes!!!

What to wear?:
We’ve been inspired by this Pinterest board by our friends from House of Daniella for our outfit choices, but feel free to unbridle your creativity and show off your Luxe Fit. Remember, the only rule is to embrace the Luxe theme and let your style flow!This is #SoiréeDeLuxe, after all! So, SHINE!!

See you at #SoiréeDeLuxe on Saturday!

Food Menu
Wine List

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