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Venir: a Sunday Soirée pop-up

Medium Carmine (#B64039): A warm, deep red symbolizing the last warmth of winter sunsets and the first blush of summer dawns. It’s perfect for those cozy winter layers slowly giving way to lighter, breezier outfits as the days grow longer.

Indigo (Rainbow) (#1D4765): This deep, mystical blue reflects the serene and contemplative moments of winter nights, transitioning into the calming, clear skies of summer. It’s ideal for setting that balance of moods between the vibrant energy with a touch of elegance at our soirée events.

Jelly Bean Blue (#3D8291): Bright and lively, this blue hints at the refreshing waters and lively outdoor activities that summer brings. It’s the perfect splash of color to signify fun and adventure, promising exciting experiences at our upcoming Summer Soirée.

Given the exclusive nature of this event, tickets are limited, the bottomless experience: even more limited. Tickets are available only through our ticketing partner THERE WILL BE NO TICKETS SOLD AT THE DOOR!

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exclusive pre-event that sets the stage for the grand and flagship Sunday Soirée event this summer.

Venir is proudly sponsored by Nico Group, which includes NBS Bank and ERIS Properties as part of its ONE NICO Xpression initiative, and produced in partnership with Genesis Media and Eminent Prints. Their support helps us bring these experiences to life, ensuring unmatched good vibes while promoting financial wellness. We can’t wait to share this special moment with you. See you on Saturday, July 27th at August House!

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