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What an absolutely electrifying day we shared at the #SummerSoirée!!! As the echoes of laughter and the vibes of curated experiences still resonate in the air, we wanted to take a moment to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your presence and your contributions in making this event an unforgettable memory.

Patrons: The True Heart and Soul

To our amazing patrons, you are the true heart and soul of the #SummerSoirée! Your enthusiasm, your vibrant energy, and your willingness to embrace every curated experience with open arms are what made this day an unequivocal success. We hope the memories you took home are as delightful as the treats you savored and the vibes that filled the air. Your presence illuminated every corner of Kumbali Castle, and we are grateful for the magical moments shared.

Experiences: Heroes Behind the Scenes

Now, let’s talk about our various incredible experience providers, shall we? To the masterminds behind the Smokey Meat Feast, your briskets were marvelous. A special shoutout to Liz George, Ian D’heygere, Geraldine Pinto, Mira German and the Kumbali team, your culinary expertise brought smiles to all our patrons and the team ourselves.

And to the wizards of the Sweet Tooth Experience, you quite literally kept us cool as cucumbers on this sunny day. Kudos to Ethel from Kumbe’s Candy and her team for crafting these frozen fantasies!

And to our partners Wines & Wings, your pairings took our palates on an amazing adventure. Hats off to Trent and team for curating such an elegant experience with unbeatable prices.

Our gratitude extends to the architects of the Whiskey & Cigars Experience, who added an air of sophistication to the day. Kudos to Vincent Masano and the team at Cousin Vinny for orchestrating this refined indulgence! A special shout out to Ben Wandawanda for curating this experience hand with Vin and the soirée team. We are grateful.

As for the painting experience crew from Kaliso Art Gallery, you brought out the artist in all of us and left us with treasured souvenirs. A standing ovation for Eve and her team for igniting our creativity!

A toast to the Mixologist Cocktails team, whose concoctions were pure liquid poetry. We raise our glasses to Serena Jameison and her team for concocting such magical elixirs!

Our sincere appreciation goes out to the Fruit & Juice Bar, who offered a refreshing respite to those seeking non-alcoholic patrons. Cheers to Nancy Ahia and her team for keeping us hydrated and refreshed!

The Surf & Turf & Pizza Party by The Farmers Daughter was nothing short of a battle of flavours that complimented each other with freshness. Well done to Chef Jes and team for a flavourful journey with us.

To the Craft Beer champions, who made sure beer fans had their happy fix. A round of applause for Cousin Vinny, Bumpy Road Brewery and their respective crews for curating a brew-tiful experience!

We also also hope your had an amazing CannaBliss experience curated along side our partners CannaBarn. A big shout out to Ms. Bakasa and the whole CannaBarn CPG team for the amazing CBD experience.

We can’t forget Chmba: the maestro of the rave, who seamlessly transitioned the day into evening with beats that stirred our souls. A round of applause for Chmba, WNDRZ, JQ, and the soirée team [NoName Djs] for orchestrating the perfect musical journey!

Our Partners: Your our collaborations made dreams come true

Kumbali Country Lodge

Guy, Maureen and the Pickering family, Ian D’heygere, Liz George, Mira German, Geraldine Pinto, Bjorn Pretorius, Davie Maonga, Richard Chimwala and the whole Kumbali teams, from food and beverage, security to housekeeping and more. We are a happy partner, receive our love.


The Soirée team is thankful for your support in making sure we keep producing these beautiful events, as our ‘payments’ partner, we look forward to growing together and unleashing the best of our brand capabilities and keep complimenting each others growth efforts. Shoutout to Nohaata, Ronald and the whole PayChangu team.

Alpha Audio Work

A big shoutout to Ben Chipatako and team for being our audio visual partner and working tirelessly in making sure we have the best sound and visuals, along side Kennedy Mhango, our LED Screens partner, and Kweza Arts. We are grateful for the endless support and love you show to us and our patrons.

Shout out to Allidah D. Henson from YIAH for the well styled outfit and fashion inspirations, receive our gratitude, OT, Mac and the Zaluso Arts team for for accommodating the various soirée meeting, rehearsals, Precious Kulaisi, Precious ‘M’bawa’ Khaiya for making sure our logistics are in order and timely. Tim and Fletcher from Café92, Emmanuel Zan from Stamag, Chris from Genovese, Nyasha and Thombi from King’s Landing, Agna Nkaonja from Eyeconic Gardens/HTC Suppliers, Brian Longwe from Converged Technology Networks for giving us and our patrons FREE FAST Wi-Fi through their Starlink connection, and everyone single of you who have made this journey be the various beautiful experiences it has been. We are thankful.

To our media production partners, Nyali Muzik and Mtombosola Photos, receive your flowers. You are the essence of elegance immortalized. Special thanks to Kelvin ‘KBG’ Gumbi, Dan Mtombosola, Leroy Kawamba, Emmanuel Mwaungulu, Lameck Luhanga, Priscilla Kaira-Nsane, Compact Creations, Nation Publications and Zodiak Malawi for the unwavering support.

In every corner of Kumbali Castle’s enchanting grounds, your collaborative efforts came to life and turned our collective dreams into a beautiful reality. Your talents, your passion, and your willingness to embrace our unique blend of elegance and artistry brought out the best in the #SummerSoirée.

So here’s to you, our patrons and collaborators. Thank you for turning a sunny day into an extraordinary adventure. Let’s raise our glasses to the shared memories, the laughter, and the sheer joy that the #SummerSoirée brought into our lives. Until we meet again, remember that the spirit of the Soirée lives on in each one of us.

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With immense gratitude,
The Sunday Soirée Team.


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